Our Vision

We are passionate about helping men and women to look and feel more radiant and energized.

We offer a caring, compassionate environment where we earn the trust of our clients and build cherished, long-term relationships.

We take a holistic approach to beauty, addressing our clients’ aesthetic and anti-aging concerns in combination with integrated wellness treatments and products to improve their overall physical and emotional health.

We are committed to the highest standards of safety and continue to upgrade our skills and knowledge about new products, non-invasive techniques and technology. 

We encourage our clients to honour the changes they are making to their inner and outer beauty as a symbol of self-care and self-nurturing, confident that we have helped to enhance their lives in a positive way. 

We work in a joyous atmosphere of abundance where we celebrate our collective prosperity with the goal of expanding our integrated wellness offerings and becoming the leading physician directed medi-spa in British Columbia.


Our Team

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim


Dr. Shehla EbrahimDr Shehla Ebrahim is a certificant of the college of family physicians of Canada as well as a fellow of the College of family physicians of Canada.

Dr. Ebrahim's qualifications include:

  • Certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP)
  • Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (FCFP)
  • She is a member of the following professional organizations:
  • BC College of Family Physicians
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • British Columbia Medical Association
  • Society of General Practitioners of British Columbia
  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
  • American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery
  • Medical Spa Society

Dr. Ebrahim is also the Medical Director for both Ambleside Dermedics Health Centre in West Vancouver and THE Acne Clinic.

Read Dr. Ebrahim's full bio.

Dr. Christopher Pavlou

Dr. Christopher Pavlou, Physician


Dr. Christopher Pavlou is originally from South Africa, where he received his medical training at the University of Pretoria, and graduated from medical school in 2003. He moved to Canada in 2006, and after receiving training in botox and fillers in Vancouver decided to move permanently to Vancouver. Dr Pavlou has been practicing aesthetic medicine in combination with his full-time family practice in Vancouver since 2006.

He enjoys practicing aesthetic medicine because it provides him with variety and he is interested in how new technologies can be combined with aesthetic tools such as botox and fillers to provide clients with great results that boost their self-confidence.

Dr. Pavlou’s philosophy towards aesthetic medicine is to see the patients primarily through their own eyes and to use his experience and vision to recommend treatments that may improve and enhance their appearance and self-esteem

Gabriele Brencher

Gabriele Brencher, Weight Management Specialist

Weight Management Specialist

Gabriele Brencher is originally from Germany, but prides herself as a citizen of the world having spent the majority of her life in the Middle East (Iran, Pakistan, Egypt) and Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea).

She is a bachelor of a Business Management holder and her passion has always been nutrition, wellness and fitness. Her personal achievements include being an active marathon runner, mountain climber and daily yoga advocate.

Gabriele has a holistic approach to weight management and caters her consultations towards the needs and wants of her patients. Whatever your concerns may be, Gabriele is willing to listen, advice and guide with helping hands. She is experienced in weight loss, fat reduction, and total health & lifestyle improvements. Her goal is to improve her patient's confidence and increase self-esteem.

Gabriele's core philosophy is "If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with” – Deepak Chopra


Terry Almeida has been working as a laser practitioner since 1999. She received her training in Toronto and has been working at Afterglow for the past 5 years.

Terry has seen many advances in the industry but her focus continues to be on seeking new technologies and techniques to better service her clients. She is grateful for the experience she has gained working for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and ones that have been in the industry for many years. Her motivation is a happy client and the great people she works with.

Dione Gillet

Dione Gillet, Client Coordinator

Client Coordinator

Dione is the quintessential client co-ordinator and is our first impression officer.

Her passion for her work is clear from the moment she greets you with a warm smile as you enter our reception area.

Dione lives in North Vancouver and is the proud mother of 2 children. She has served the beauty industry for the last 12 years.

Having started off working for Plastic Surgeons in Vancouver , she has remained dedicated to her profession and has been with Afterglow since 2006.

Michelle van Eck

Michelle van Eck, Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Michelle joined us in December 2012 taking on the role as Marketing Coordinator for both our clinics; Ambleside Dermedics & Afterglow Medical Aesthetics. Michelle’s responsibilities include the creative lead and management of all marketing aspects pertaining to the business including branding, social media, public relations, events and advertising.

Michelle is German & British by nationality and was born and raised in Singapore and has had the opportunity to live/study in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Michelle’s international background is an asset in the field of marketing communication as she is able to understand and communicate effectively in Vancouver’s multicultural environment.

Outside of the clinics, Michelle spends her time pursuing her degree at Simon Fraser University focusing on Communications, Public Relations and Political Science.

Michelle is passionate about the health and wellness industry and believes that there is a lot of truth in the philosophy of looking good and feeling great!

For those with marketing related enquires please contact Michelle directly at michelle.b.vaneck@gmail.com or her personal phone at the clinic: 604-925-3370