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EndyMed Radiofrequency Micro-Needling Treatment

Video Image What It Does: Tiny microneedles deliver sufficient heat to the dermis to remodel the existing collagen structure and stimulate production of new collagen. EndyMed™ radiofrequency technology allows our skilled practitioner to control the depth of the needles and the amount of RF energy delivered. This makes it possible to achieve

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Girls Getaway!!

girlsgetaway Enjoy a Girls weekend at Painted Boat and come back looking and feeling great! A whole weekend of Girlfriend Time relaxing in a beautiful resort and spa! AHHH!! Dr. Ebrahim is now booking appointments at The Painted Boat Spa on Saturday, June 25th for Medical Aesthetic treatments. Reserve your Botox

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EndyMed Intensif RF – Advanced Collagen Remodelling

Endymed Maintaining a youthful look without undergoing a surgical procedure is easier, and more comfortable, than ever with EndyMed™ Intensif™ RF. Our experienced laser technician, Terry Almeida, performs this innovative dermal remodelling treatment, which is designed to revive skin’s collagen and elastin production. EndyMed™ Intensif™ RF delivers radiofrequency energy deep into

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Botox for Jawline

botox-jawline The perception of beauty is based on an oval jawline. People with a square jawline need not go through surgery – Dr. Ebrahim can help with Botox injectables. An injection into the hyperactive muscles of the jaw will help to reshape the jaw. Results are seen within 3 months and

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Smooth Away Acne Scars with Dermal Fillers

1 Nearly everyone has experienced acne at some point in their lives. While this condition often is most prominent in the teen years, pimples can develop in men and women well into adulthood. Once the blemishes have healed, however, acne scars may be left behind. These bothersome marks can make your

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