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Natural-Looking Lip Enhancement

lips Dr. Ebrahim and Dr. Pavlou offer lip enhancement that looks natural. Too many overfilled lips have given lip enhancement nicknames like “sausage rolls,” “trout pout,” or “duck lips.” In the past, the options for lip rejuvenation, such as tissue grafts and autologous fat grafts, had limitations and considerable downtime. Ask

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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

male Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Restoration If you’re experiencing unwanted hair loss, there’s an exciting new hair restoration treatment available that can help to regrow hair without invasive surgical techniques. Our experienced physicians, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim and Dr. Christopher Pavlou, are delighted to offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy

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Donate to Our Fundraiser to Help Educate Children!

94e586d42c7348fb8ffe1f932c600b0d Education is one of the most important resources for a child, and so many young people from the Dominican Republic are deprived of this basic necessity. As a result, many of them are unable to find gainful employment as they grow older, and the vicious cycle of poverty continues. Giving

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A Cool Night Out Event at Ambleside Dermedics

3-300x251 Join us for our Cool Night Out Event! We will be hosting two events to in order to accommodate all of our guests. The events will be held on November 6th and December 4th. Come learn more about Coolsculpting in a presentation from 5:30 – 6:30 PM. Following the presentation

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Vancouver Physician Discusses Ultherapy® Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Physician-in-Vancouver-Offers-Non-Surgical-Ultherapy-Skin-Tightening-300x287 Dr. Shehla Ebrahim provides Ultherapy® as a non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that uses ultrasound to treat skin laxity in the brows, neck, and chin. Vancouver, BC—Traditional facelift procedures can call for complicated surgical operations with extended recovery periods and often uncomfortable side effects; however, some patients may require a much

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