Aging Face

Young-looking skin reflects homogenous light as it is smooth, radiant and wrinkle-free. As the face ages, darker areas begin to appear on the face which causes light to be reflected less homogeneously thus creating an older looking face. The darker areas could be the result of sun spots, roughness of skin, shadows created by wrinkles, loss of /decrease in collagen, loss of fat (predominantly in the mid-face), and loss of bone in the face.

Aging can also be classified into two main categories which call for different treatment protocols: chronological aging (aging by years) versus photoaging (aging of the skin caused by sun exposure).

Aging Face Treatments Aging Face Treatments

What Afterglow can do for an aging face?

Treatment protocols for the aging face, therefore, must be determined once a consultation with a physician has been carried out. The doctor's recommendations will be discussed together with your concerns and expectations in order to establish the best possible rejuvenation regime for you. The goal is to achieve harmony and balance.

Dermaceutic Peeling

The Dermaceutic Peeling System consists of two professional peeling systems that address a variety of concerns.  Using chemical peeling agents, it stimulates an accelerated form of exfoliation, activating visible changes in the skin.

The spot peel focuses on correcting all forms of pigmentation:  melasma, pregnancy dark spots and post inflammatory pigmentation.  The system included two in office peels plus an eight week personal care kit for use at home.

The milk peel addresses texture, tone, fine lines (due to dehydration) and skin that is dull, lacking radiance.

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