Decreased Collagen

Decreased Collagen Treatments

What Afterglow can do for decreased collagen


Cosmetics are substances that are applied to the skin to improve its appearance, but have no apparent biologic function. Examples include: lipstick and rouge. Drugs or Pharmaceuticals are substances that alter the biologic function of tissue. The term "cosmeceutical" was coined by Dr. Albert M. Kligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in the late 1970s, with the goal of describing a hybrid between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical. Therefore, "Cosmeceuticals" are substances that not only improve the appearance of the skin but contain active ingredients that alter the function of the skin.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

The physician uses a controlled beam of energy allowing for exact penetration of depth into the dermis in order to vaporize the damaged acne-scarred skin in a safe and predictable manner.

The treated areas begin a regeneration process, resulting in regrowth, healing, and smoother, more even skin.

It is most widely used as a treatment for the face but can be done on the neck, chest and back as well.

Afterglow's state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing technology is the industry gold standard. The procedure is a very precise, controlled, physician administered treatment where thin sections of skin are removed, layer by layer, and are replaced by younger skin growth.

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Profractional Laser

Keeping with our promise to bring you safe and effective treatments for skin aging, Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care is excited to introduce the ProFractional laser, the newest cutting-edge technology for skin resurfacing. This laser skin resurfacing technology works for all skin types and provides long-lasting results with minimal downtime.

ProFractional is a quick and comfortable laser procedure with little to no downtime, used for improving the overall appearance of your skin. ProFractional uses a laser microbeam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin. And because only a fraction of the skin is directly treated with the laser, healing time is quick and downtime is short.

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Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, diffuse and excessive redness and help manage large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars. You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation after the Laser Genesis procedure. Laser Genesis Treatments can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.

How does Laser Genesis work?

By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin's surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

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