Dull/Dry face

Infuse the power of Vitamin C

Exfoliate, invigorate, moisturize and reclaim your radiance with a crystal-free, wet peel.

The Silk Peel Dermalinfusion is a technological advancement; an upgraded skin rejuvenation system that evenly exfoliates, and deeply moisturizes your skin.

An ultrasonic applicator removes dead skin cells & can be used on inflamed, irritated, sensitive, rosacea, couperose, and acneic skin.

Unlike SB, crystals or diamond tip microdermabrasion can be uncomfortably abrasive and cause redness, bruising or pinpoint bleeding.

SB is used in conjunction with our revolutionary line of award-winning products that breathe freshness onto the skin and deeply moisturize from within.

You will be radiant!

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Silk Peel™ Microdermabrasion

Afterglow's Microdermabrasion with Silk Peel™ Infusion is a non-invasive technique that works on the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). The procedure exfoliates the skin by essentially removing dead skin cells, clearing clogged pores of oil and dirt, and killing bacteria.

The technology is painless and safe, and does not require a topical anaesthetic. It is suitable for all skin types and colors. Afterglow's state-of-the-art equipment is a technological advancement that is not abrasive and works well on sensitive or problematic skin. It does not use messy and harsh crystals or other particulates.

  • The technology is gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive, rosacea and acneic skin.
  • The procedure delivers an even exfoliation.
  • The moisturizing function, specific to this technology, boosts hydration levels and leaves the skin soft and supple.

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Photorejuvenation / IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for Acne

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light, also known as photorejuvenation, is an innovative, non-invasive rejuvenation technique which involves high intensity pulsations of light (not lasers) passing through the skin. It is non-ablative, meaning no skin is removed. Its benefits include, smoother, more revitalized skin, improved texture and a reduction in pore size.

This breakthrough treatment involves directing energy to the treatment area. The energy is delivered to both superficial and deep layers of the skin, sparing the epidermis (top layer).

The result is an exfoliation of damaged skin coupled with the stimulation of collagen production on the skin's surface.

The treatment can be used effectively on the face, neck, chest and hands.

It does not contain harmful UV light and is a very safe, effective and established treatment for a number of benign skin conditions.

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Microlaser Peel

For Smoother, Healthier, More Vibrant Skin

A MicroLaserPeel™, also named "the weekend peel," is stronger than microdermabrasion but less aggressive than laser skin resurfacing. It is a gentle, laser-assisted skin peel is; a revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment requiring only a few days of healing time.

This superficial skin peeling procedure is individually customized to each patient and can be carried out on the face, neck, hands and chest.

Benefits, noticed within a few days following the procedure as skin peeling will occur, are:

  • Appearance of smoother skin
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Radiant looking skin
  • Improved tone and texture
  • Improved elasticity
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine to moderate lines
  • Reduction in blotchy skin coloring
  • Reduction in hyperpigmentataion

Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, diffuse and excessive redness and help manage large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars. You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation after the Laser Genesis procedure. Laser Genesis Treatments can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.

How does Laser Genesis work?

By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin's surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

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Vitalize Peel

The Vitalize Peel is a unique blend of retinoic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, resorcinol and other active cosmeceutical ingredients, creating one of the safest, strongest medical peels for treating acne. Extensive peeling begins within 48 hours and begins the process of skin rejuvenation. The Vitalize Peel can be repeated at three-week intervals for maximum benefits and is recommended as a great way to jump-start a healthy skin care routine.

Skincare Regime with Cosmeceuticals

A skin care regimewill be recommended by the physician (most likely as part of a comprehensive skincare protocol in combination with other treatments).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C and its derivatives are scientifically proven antiflammatory antioxidants that also promote collagen biosynthesis and are therefore widely used cosmeceuticals today. The primary role of Vitamin C is in the prevention of damage. It is commonly used to maintain results attained from cosmetic procedures.

  • Cega 30 cream
  • Cega and ferrulic
  • Cega eye cream
  • (all will have a link to ingredients and then a blurb about their features)

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Dermaceutic Peeling

The Dermaceutic Peeling System consists of two professional peeling systems that address a variety of concerns.  Using chemical peeling agents, it stimulates an accelerated form of exfoliation, activating visible changes in the skin.

The spot peel focuses on correcting all forms of pigmentation:  melasma, pregnancy dark spots and post inflammatory pigmentation.  The system included two in office peels plus an eight week personal care kit for use at home.

The milk peel addresses texture, tone, fine lines (due to dehydration) and skin that is dull, lacking radiance.

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