Melasma, also known as the "mask of pregnancy", is an acquired brown pigmentation, usually seen on the face.

No single pigment disturbance has proven more elusive to treatment than melasma. There is no special diet, health food, vitamin, "magic lotion" which is useful for the treatment of melasma or other forms of facial pigmentation, and time and money should not be wasted on those things

Although the cause of melasma continue to defy explanation, it is clearly under the control of racial, genetic, pharmacological and environmental factors. Most patients seeking treatments have exhausted current options such as bleaching, Retin-A and azelaic acid, chemical peels, lasers and phototherapy.

Fractional Laser and IPL

This technique uses a controlled beam of energy allowing for exact penetration of depth into the dermis in order to vaporize the damaged/discoloured skin in a safe and predictable manner.

The treated areas begin a regeneration process, resulting in regrowth, healing, and smoother, more even skin.

Results in melasma treated with fractional resurfacing have been uniformly positive with modest to marked improvement in most patients.

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Prescription Skincare.

Prescription skin care involves the combination of several topical medical creams generally compounded a by a pharmacist under the direction of the physician to specifically target the underlying condition. At Afterglow,Dr Ebrahim's compounds have received a tremendous vote of confidence amongst her patients.

Dermaceutic Peeling

The Dermaceutic Peeling System consists of two professional peeling systems that address a variety of concerns.  Using chemical peeling agents, it stimulates an accelerated form of exfoliation, activating visible changes in the skin.

The spot peel focuses on correcting all forms of pigmentation:  melasma, pregnancy dark spots and post inflammatory pigmentation.  The system included two in office peels plus an eight week personal care kit for use at home.

The milk peel addresses texture, tone, fine lines (due to dehydration) and skin that is dull, lacking radiance.

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