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GliSODin® Skin Nutrients

gsn-logoWish you could take a pill to make your skin more beautiful? Now you can! GliSODin® Skin Nutrients are naturally-derived oral supplements that can reduce the appearance of common signs of aging and enhance the tone and texture of your skin. Our experienced family physician, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, offers a selection of formulas from the GliSODin® line of nutricosmetics at our state-of-the-art practice. Each one is designed to improve the look, feel, and health of your skin in a targeted way. Stop dreaming of gorgeous skin and achieve it with the help of GliSODin® capsules. For more information about GliSODin® Skin Nutrients, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us today.

How do GliSODin® Skin Nutrients work?

As we age, our natural defenses against oxidative stress weaken. GliSODin® helps pick up where your biology lets off. The key ingredient is SOD, which stands for superoxide dismutase, which is known as the “enzyme of life.” Derived from the Cucumis melo, a type of French melon, this enzyme serves as an antioxidant and helps stabilize reactions within the body that could otherwise cause inflammation and common signs of aging. SOD works alongside other antioxidant enzymes found naturally in the body to reduce the production of free radicals.

In the past, SOD was too unstable to offer much benefit; however, when first developed, the enzyme was sourced from animals. The discovery of the plant-derived version was a breakthrough that made oral ingestion much more effective. To further enhance the absorption of the supplements, GliSODin® incorporates a gliadin biopolymer layer that can protect the SOD from the damaging effects of stomach acid and allow the small intestine to better absorb the enzyme. As a result, the skin can begin to rejuvenate right before your very eyes.

What GliSODin® formulas are available?

We currently offer two of the most popular GliSODin® products available: Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Repair Formula and the Advanced Skin Brightening Formula. The Dermal Repair nutricosmetic line was specifically developed to reduce the appearance of common signs of aging in mature skin and fight the damaging effects of various environmental factors. Furthermore, this singular therapy can support healing after an injury or surgery, helping to achieve softer skin and less noticeable scars.

Advanced Skin Brightening Formula can enhance the skin by helping to clear away blemishes, even out the tone, and boost luminosity. This formula can also minimize the appearance of sun damage and improve the overall health of the skin. Within a few weeks, you should see the famous GliSODin® glow that comes from caring for your skin from the inside out.


Does it hurt?

Not at all! GliSODin® Skin Nutrients are oral supplements that you take by mouth as directed on the bottle. These capsules are filled with a naturally-derived antioxidant enzyme called SOD, which can help your body fight the effects of the aging process for more beautiful skin over time. This cosmetic enhancement treatment is completely painless.

How long does it take to see the effects?

GliSODin® works with your body to gradually improve the look, the health, and the feel of your skin. Once you start the regimen, GliSODin® supplements will begin a cascade reaction of biological processes that can fight free radicals and reverse sun damage. You should notice brighter skin and fewer fine lines after a few weeks, with more comprehensive results visible in a few months. The formulas are also intended to boost your skin’s natural defenses against UV rays, pollution, and the aging process. Additionally, GliSODin® Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Formula and Advanced Skin Brightening Formula can enhance the benefits of other cosmetic techniques. Dr. Ebrahim will develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals during your initial consultation.

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This unique approach to facial and skin rejuvenation is designed to work well alone or in combination with other aesthetic enhancement options. Our skin care products can help refine the skin non-invasively from the comfort of your home. Additionally, GliSODin® can enhance the effects of laser skin resurfacing, cosmetic injectables, and microneedling. GliSODin® supplements are versatile, simple, and affordable.

Eager to learn more about GliSODin® Skin Nutrients and how they can help you achieve the soft, supple skin you desire? Contact our office today for more information on how to get the GliSODin® glow or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ebrahim.

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