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Afterglow Medi-Spa gives Antonia high cheekbones

Recently, our client Antonia, came to see us about reducing her nasolabial folds. Antonia has deep clefts in the nasolabial area, the result of having a small upper palate.  Although she has had Restylane injected into her folds in the past, the upper edge of the fold has formed an obvious ridge.

To address this issue, and to add more volume to the upper area of the facial triangle, Dr. Ebrahim injected Juvéderm Ultra – a semipermanent filler- into the folds and over the cheekbone area.

In this image, we have shown where Dr. Ebrahim will inject the filler. Enhancing the cheekbones will help elevate the upper edge of the fold.

Injecting the Juvéderm. Since this filler contains lidocaine, Antonia feels barely anything as we inject.


After the procedure, left side.

Right side (where nasolabial fold is more pronounced).

Front, showing higher cheekbones and less deep nasolabial folds.

Juvéderm Ultra and other fillers can be used in a number of different ways to enhance or create more youthful lines for your face.

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