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Hand/Foot Rejuvenation

Younger-Looking Hands at any Age

  A fond memory for Dr. ShehlaEbrahim is one in which an 88-year-old client wanted to rejuvenate her hands. When asked why, the client responded that she had met a special man who was going to propose to her and she wanted her hands to look beautiful. Click to see:

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Radiesse for Hand Rejuvenation

Volume loss is a common symptom of the natural aging process, and this concern can affect more than just the face. The backs of the hands also have delicate skin that can gradually lose the fatty tissue and elasticity that are hallmarks of youth. As a result, tendons and veins

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Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age ?

Much attention is paid to the face and neck in an effort to reduce the typical signs of aging – however what about your hands? 7 Signs of Aging Hands Age spots – don’t actually have anything to do with the aging process. They are as a result of sun

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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening With EndyMed

Developing loose skin and fine lines on the face and neck is something that can occur a number of different ways, including aging, sun damage, and genetic predisposition. Regardless of the cause, these effects are rarely welcomed. Many patients fear the only recourse for eliminating the beginning stages of skin

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Sandal Season

Sandal Season is Here: Don’t Let Toenail Fungus Get in the Way From our experience, toenail fungus can be very physically & emotionally frustrating. With Spring in full swing and the Summer months right around the corner, or as we here at Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care like to

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