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Treating Acne Scars

Our eAcne scarsxperienced physician, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating acne scars.  A scar is made of up connective tissue, which are gristle-like fibres located in the skin that hold the damaged area closed.

In more than a decade of practice she has found that even on the same person there are different types of scars:

  • Tough and rigid
  • Soft and breaking down
  • Distended or inverted

Generally scars are categorized into 3 general groups:

  • Ice pick or pitted scars are narrow and deep
  • Boxcar scars have a flat base shaped like a “U,” and are round, polygonal, or linear at the skin surface
  • Rolling scars are like hills and valleys, gentle and undulating

Dr. Ebrahim invites clients to visit her for a complimentary consultation to review their acne scars and discuss their treatment goals. Acne scarring is a complex problem and usually requires a few different procedures.

As a family physician with a special interest in dermatology she has many treatments and procedures available. Treatments include:

Dr. Ebrahim has achieved great results for many of her clients. Make an appointment with her today and learn about the treatment options that are right for you.

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