Dr. Cindy Huang

doctor profile bio

As a family physician with an interest in aesthetic skincare treatment, Dr. Cindy Huang helps people age with confidence and enjoy the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible. At the core of her philosophy is an appreciation for everyone’s unique features, needs, and goals, particularly regarding their appearance as they age. Dr. Huang listens attentively to each patient, learning about their stories and concerns. She then takes this information and develops a personalised program designed to optimise the outcome.

Dr. Huang emphasizes a personal touch and a gentle approach. She combines multiple skills to rejuvenate each person’s appearance, focusing on natural-looking results to ensure patients can feel more beautiful and confident at any age.

Dr. Huang is a Vancouver local. She earned her first degree in Community and Pharmacy, followed by her medical degree, which she received at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Huang then completed additional training in cosmetic dermatology with Dr. Ebrahim and in Toronto. In addition to her aesthetic treatments, Dr. Huang runs a successful family practice in Oakridge.

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