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We are so proud to be the recent recipient of Coolsculpting’s Premier Crystal Award, the highest level available for CoolSculpting® Practices.

Premier-Crystal-LogoCoolSculpting® is the cool solution to your unwanted fat. This clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment that is taking the health & wellness industry by storm.

Developed by Harvard scientists, this amazing technology uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, say hello to a new you.

About CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting_logo-770x180Excess pockets of fat on your body can often be resistant to even the healthiest diets and strictest exercise routines. Designed to target and reduce stubborn fat, approved by Health Canada and FDA, CoolSculpting® can be an excellent option for patients seeking a non-surgical method for fat reduction. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, our fellowship-trained skin care professional, is highly experienced in non-invasive fat reduction and can utilize CoolSculpting® to help you reduce localized fat pockets on your hips, back, arms, thighs, and other areas. With this state-of-the-art procedure, Dr. Ebrahim can help you achieve the contours you desire with beautiful results.

*Benefits of CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is scientifically-proven to be an effective alternative to traditional fat reduction methods like liposuction. This advanced technique can be a great option for addressing stubborn fat on the hips, thighs, arms, back, stomach, and other areas of your body.* Benefits of CoolSculpting® include:

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment
  • Little to no downtime or recovery
  • Can reduce excess fat in a number of body areas
  • Natural-looking results

*Individual Results May Vary

CoolSculpting® Procedure

During your procedure, you may choose to either sit up or lie down for optimal comfort. The CoolSculpting® device will be positioned over the targeted areas of fat that were predetermined during your initial consultation. The device then draws the skin up between two cooling panels and delivers an intense cooling sensation into the fat cells, causing the fat cells to shrink and break down. Over the next few months, the fat cells gradually leave your body through natural processes. The procedure generally takes about one to two hours depending on the extent of your needs and the number of areas you wish to address.

Recovery from CoolSculpting®

Recovery from CoolSculpting® will vary per individual, but you can typically expect to return to your normal routine the same day you have the procedure. Most patients experience some temporary numbness or redness in the treated areas after CoolSculpting®. Although rare, any discomfort can be relieved with medication. The most noticeable results from CoolSculpting® are usually apparent in about two to four months. Marouska adds, “The benefits of CoolSculpting® are different for everyone. You may fit into that great dress in the back of your closet, you may feel more comfortable in your favourite jeans without that muffin top or you could feel more confident in your bathing suit.” We can help you better understand what the final results might look like for you during your consultation.

“The benefits of CoolSculpting® are different for everyone. You may fit into that great dress in the back of your closet, you may feel more comfortable in your favourite jeans without that muffin top or you could feel more confident in your bathing suit.”







*Individual Results May Vary

CoolMini™ for Double Chin Reduction

CoolSculpting® is designed to reduce pockets of fatty tissue on the body. For individuals who have excess fat under on the chin, commonly called a “double chin,” a new Coolsculpting device provides excellent results. The CoolMini™ applicator was created to specifically address diet- and exercise-resistant fat under the chin. Utilising the same cold energy technology used in CoolSculpting® treatment, this FDA-approved device can break up fatty tissue in the targeted area, which can then be metabolised by the body. As with CoolSculpting® this procedure typically takes approximately one hour, and the process is completely non-surgical. As a result, there is no downtime. You may experience mild bruising, numbness, and tenderness in the treated area. Most patients see improvement in about two to three weeks, with the full outcome visible after about two to three months.

CoolSculpting® FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We know you have a lot of questions about CoolSculpting®, and we’re here to assist. We have provided the following answers to commonly asked questions to help you become well-informed about this procedure. For additional information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our skilled medical team today.

Am I good candidate for CoolSculpting®?

Do you have excess fatty tissue on your abdomen, thighs, hips, back, or another area that resists the effects of diet and exercise? CoolSculpting® can help patients who are within about 10-15 pounds of a healthy weight achieve improved body contour without surgery or invasive treatment.

What does it feel like?

CoolSculpting® uses a type of controlled frostbite to reduce fatty deposits while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. You will feel a suction sensation as the device attaches to the targeted area. You will then feel intense cold for a short period of time, followed by tingling and numbness. Once the treatment is complete, we will massage the region to enhance results, and the affected area may feel a bit tender. These symptoms should subside over time.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects typically are minor and should be brief. Most patients experience some tenderness, bruising, and mild swelling in the treated area, which should subside within a few days. You should still be able to go about your normal schedule immediately following your appointment.  

When will I see results?

Most patients begin to see the benefits of the treatment after about three weeks, but the results will continue to develop for a couple of months. If after three or four months you still have excess fatty tissue, you can return for a second treatment to attain more comprehensive fat reduction.

How long do the results last?

CoolSculpting® can provide lasting results that do not require retreatment for many individuals, all that is necessary is for you to maintain your outcome with a sensible diet and exercise routine. We can provide advice on how to optimize your outcome and preserve your investment.

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For more information on CoolSculpting®, or to find out if you are a good candidate for this non-surgical fat reduction technique, please contact Afterglow Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you schedule a private consultation with Dr. Ebrahim.

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