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For Men

maleCosmetic enhancement and skin rejuvenation treatments are becoming more and more popular among men who want to fight signs of age and stress and feel more confident about their appearance. With the many advanced skin care procedures available here at Afterglow Physician Directed Medical Aesthetics, we can help you smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, improve areas affected by common skin conditions, and help you attain a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim is an experienced physician who offers a comprehensive range of skin renewal options that can be custom-designed to your specific needs. The links below will take you to more detailed descriptions of the many treatments we offer. If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact us today.

Anti-Aging Treatments

With non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic injectables, laser skin resurfacing, and many other options, signs of age, stress and exhaustion can be significantly diminished for a more youthful and vibrant complexion.

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Double Chin Reduction

If you have fatty tissue under your chin and on your neck, BELKYRA™ can help to contour your jawline. This non-surgical cosmetic injectable is designed to melt away fatty tissue that causes the “double chin” effect with little to no downtime.


Learn More About BELKYRA™

Acne Treatments

Our experienced skin care professionals can reduce acne outbreaks and improve scarring caused by this common condition.

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Scar Treatments

Afterglow offers a variety of procedures, including advanced laser and light-based treatments, to minimize the appearance of scars with successful results.

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Skin Cancer Treatments

Our doctor can treat numerous types of skin cancer and precancerous areas of skin to effectively reduce serious risks to your health.

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Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatment

Are you looking for a minimally-invasive way to remove excess fat in the love handles, thighs, hips, and other areas? CoolSculpting® can eliminate fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise without the need for surgery or extensive recovery time.

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Hair Removal Treatments

With laser and light-based hair removal options, we can help you eliminate undesired hair in virtually any body area with long-lasting, often permanent results.

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